1. tokio-fujita:

    Sakura full bloom in Goryokaku, Hakodate.

    Goryokaku was the last fortress of Shogunate army during Boshin War, and where Hijikata Toshizou rested. Now it’s this beautiful park. 

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  2. fuckyeahjapanandkorea:

    Mind the Gap by LostLens 

    Asia’s tallest suspension bridge straddles two clifftops in the Wolchusan National Park, South Korea.

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  4. hastalamverte:

    The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

  5. womenandbooks:

    Beauty and the beast, George Henry

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  10. "

    There were people who went to sleep last night,
    poor and rich and white and black,
    but they will never wake again.

    And those dead folks would give anything at all
    for just five minutes of this weather
    or ten minutes of plowing.

    So you watch yourself about complaining.

    What you’re supposed to do
    when you don’t like a thing is change it.
    If you can’t change it,
    change the way you think about it.

    — Maya Angelou (via purplebuddhaproject)